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3 Easy Ways to get your health insurance quotes.


#1 Talk to an agent now by calling
toll free:


It just takes a few minutes for us to get the information we need to run a health insurance quote while you are on the phone. We also find out what health insurance benefits are most important to you. Finally, we will suggest a few health insurance plans and deliver the details to you by email or mail. We can also assist you in applying for your health insurance plan right over the phone.


Personal service from an agent with 10 years of experience in the health insurance business. We can help you quickly zero in on a health insurance policy that will meet your needs and budget. We give you a personal assessment of how the underwriting will most likely turn out before you apply. We get it right 95% of the time.


Our office hours are 9:00 to 6:00 PM Central Time Monday to Friday. By appointment at other times.

#2 You can run instant health insurance quotes now by clicking on the link below.

Simply click on the link above, choose your state, input your zip code and birth dates, and compare health insurance quotes and plans from different health insurance carriers.  You will get instant health insurance quotes from most major carriers in your area.  You have the ability to select the insurance company & health insurance plan of your choice & apply online right from the health insurance quoting engine pages .

You get instant health insurance quotes from most available health insurance carriers in your zip code. No waiting for a health insurance agent to call. You can apply online right now. You can instantly look at health insurance brochures and check available Doctors, Hospitals, choose several health insurance plans to compare side by side and More...
Health insurance can be confusing & difficult to understand even for some health insurance agents. If you select option 1 to the left you will never be alone trying to choose a plan. We will help you decide which health insurance plan is best for your family. The health insurance quoting engine will not provide any personal guidance. The quoting engine might give you as many as 300 health insurance quotes to choose from. The health insurance quoting engine can't give you an idea of how the underwriting will eventually turn out or if you will even be approved.

Employer provided insurance may not be so safe. Why not consider an HSA health insurance plan.


#3 Send us your contact information and tell us when to call you.

We call you at a time convenient for you. We will collect your information and run a quote while you are on the phone. We can discuss the plan details and benefits and we spend as much time as you need to understand the plan we have suggested based on what you would like in the plan.



You get to set the time for the discussion.




  Other types of Health Insurance  
Stand Alone Prescription Coverage International & Travel Insurance Health Insurance Medicare Supplement Insurance Dental Insurance





If all you need is prescription coverage only you can sign up for a stand alone prescription plan. The prescription plan will have 4 tiers and the co-pay you pay will depend on the prescriptions you have. Generic prescriptions will have the lowest prices all the way up to cost sharing for more expensive prescriptions. Look up you prescriptions now and apply online.


If you are a US citizen or a Non-US citizen and will be traveling outside of the United States or a a citizen of another country coming to the United states we can get you covered. We have partnered with International Medical Group a well respected insurance company specializing in all types of international medical insurance. Look over the plan types here.

When you are close to turning 65 or have already turned 65 there will be a lot of confusing information about how to cover yourself for the out of pocket expenses Medicare doesn't. We have a website dedicated to Medicare supplement insurance. We assist you in understanding your choices and guide you in selecting the right plan. Visit to learn more

Many of our health insurance plans have optional dental insurance you can purchase with the health insurance plan and in most states we have a stand alone dental insurance plan as well as optional vision coverage. We can send you a quote for a stand alone dental plan if you contact us and request a quote. Otherwise you can add it to a health plan as an option. Generate your own quotes here

"Thank you for all your help. I never realized how many choices I really had and how confusing buying health insurance could be. You asked the right questions to help me find the plan I was looking for and at the right price. Thanks"

Don H, Orlando FL.

"If it hadn't been for your patience I would have bought another health insurance plan from another agent with less benefits and a higher price. If you hadn't taken the time to explain how an HSA plan works and how it could really benefit me with my premium and give me extra tax benefits, I would have went in another direction."

Curtis J., Charleston SC

"I was looking for a co-pay plan with wellness benefits so I could get my check ups without any special limits. You helped me find the right plan at the right price. Most the agents I talked to didn't listen as well as you did and didn't follow up to see if I understood the information or the quotes. But you did. Thanks so much for your help "

Kay R., Tucson AZ   

"I didn't realize how having the right agent to talk to was so important when shopping for health insurance until I started looking around. I received so many quotes and it became very confusing. If you hadn't spent the time with me on the phone and discussed what the different insurance plans would do for me, I would never have made the right decision. I will recommend you and this website to my friends." Thank You

Betty S., Denver CO

This website is a general description of benefits for health insurance plans and is not intended to be an exact description of any insurance companies products. The insurance policy will always determine benefits. Please contact us for a plan brochure provided by each of the insurance companies we represent. We engage in insurance sales only in the states in which we are properly licensed. We are currently licensed in AL, AR, AZ, CO, FL, GA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MO, MS, NM, NC, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, & WV.

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